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Some people just prefer less fat, no matter how good the fat in question happens to be. And if you’re one of those nice people, how cool and weird is it that you’re reading this paragraph on this website at this moment about this amazing Low-Fat Oatmilk with all the flavor of beautiful gluten-free oats and only one tiny gram of unsaturated fat per serving? It also has heart-healthy beta-glucans* (big, scientific word for soluble fiber from oats) and no dairy, nuts, soy, gluten or GMOs, but right now we’re talking about less fat. Or karma. Well, whatever we’re talking about, it’s the good kind.

What’s Amazing

Simple is this product’s middle name. Okay, it technically only has a first (Low-Fat) and last name (Oatmilk) because well, they fit so nicely on the carton. But simple is really what it’s all about. Just oats, water, a hint of sea salt and some calcium, vitamins and minerals to keep things on the extra healthy side. The slightly sweet flavor of oats is front and center and delicious in coffee and tea, on cereal, in recipes, poured into a nice glass and gulped, or you can lean into the whole simple thing and skip the glass altogether. Just gulp it from the container. Cheers.

what might be less amazing

Oatly products have unsaturated fat which is in oats naturally, and also in rapeseed oil which we add to some of our products for amazing texture and performance. But this product’s one gram of fat per serving comes only from oats, which is really great in our humble opinion, but you may notice the difference in texture as compared to Oatmilk Chilled.