Vanilla Cream Keto Cookies - Catalina Crunch

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  • Keto Friendly: Our Vanilla Crème Keto Cookies have only 5g Net Carbs, and are packed with 4g Plant Protein and 3g Fiber.
  • Premium, All-Natural Ingredients: Our Sandwich Cookies are made with a blend of Organic, Non-GMO pea protein and Prebiotic Fiber from plants.
  • Non-GMO Blend of Plant-Proteins & Fibers: The combination delivers over 4g Protein in just two cookies. That's about as much protein as a small egg.
  • Zero Artificial Ingredients: We never have and never will use any artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors of any kind.
  • Crunchy vanilla cookies paired with creamy vanilla filling create a delectable vanilla flavor that will keep you coming back for more. Low Carb, Keto Friendly cookies have never tasted so good.